Gorgeous colorful portraits by Karen Jerzyk (previously featured), talented self-taught photographer and artist currently based in Boston, MA, USA. Karen focuses on fine art portraiture. She shoots marvelous conceptual, fairy tail, nightmare and artistic photography. “Verbally trying to convey my feelings has always proven to be a nightmare”, sha explaines. “If I had to explain myself in one sentence, it would read something like “An incredibly introverted, awkward wallflower”.” Jerzyk has over 34,100 followers on Instagram and counting.

My trademark of shooting elaborate scenes in abandoned buildings (when I find a location, I quite literally spends hours cleaning up and restoring it to what it may have looked like, paying attention to the smallest details such as placement of items in the room) eventually got me arrested in August 2014- I like to describe that particular event as “the best thing to ever happen to me”, after national news outlets picked up the story. I currently travel the US, photographing people for various projects.

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