Emrah Altinok is a talented 36-year-old fine art photographer, artist, author and university professor currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. Emrah has been working as an Asst. Prof. at Istanbul Bilgi University Dept. of Architecture since he received his PhD from Yıldız Technical University in 2012. Altinok shoots a lot of portrait, urban, travel and fashion photography. For his “Facity Project” series, academician photographer captured stunning and emotional portraits.

Beside photography, he has three books of poetry published and three poetry awards. He led the personal fanzine project ‘gak’ by using the name ‘Franko Buskas’ as a pseudonym between 2007 and 2008. Some critics found his art published in ‘gak’ during this nearly two years’ time as a reflection of an innovative and avant-garde attitude. In early volumes of the fanzine, the inscriptions of ‘the blast’ that look like drawing and handwriting evoked some works of Roland Barthes and Henri Michaux appeared with ‘the voices’, accompanying audio recordings made by him that were more of like audio poems of a delirious mind.



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