Filippo Minelli was born in Italy in 1983 and has created Arts in public space by the late 90’s, most of the time branding non-places. He studied Arts at high school and then got a BFA in ‘Arts and New Media’ with honors by ‘Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera’ in Milan.

His research investigates Politics, Geopolitics in particular and most of his work is composed by ongoing-series rather than single artworks as he considers the complexity and diversity the key to deciphering and portraying reality, investigating in different directions. His interest for border-areas rather than States pushed him to spend most of his working and free time travelling or documenting himself on various issues. Traces of his presence can be found from the Italian countryside to the biggest European cities, in South East Asia, from Mongolian steppe to African deserts passing by the separation-barrier between Palestine and Israel. He appreciates the ‘uncertainty’ as it’s synonymous with ‘freedom’, and this approach affects everything he does.

An aunt who raised him when his parents were at work was deaf, this is the probable reason why he’s trained to look for the most simple way to express concepts in the presence and absence of speech and his works are published by major publishing houses, magazines and newspapers or exhibited in galleries, museums and foundations in Italy but mostly abroad.

His artistic path based on the use of language led him to investigate the importance of the word in contemporaneity, but also of his opposite and completing part of language, which is silence, visualized through photography in the public performances of his ‘Shapes’ and ‘Lines’ series.