Natacha Lesueur is a talented French photographer and visual artist, who was born in 1971 in Cannes and currently based in Paris. Natacha made her artistic studies at the Villa Arson in Nice and her first solo exhibition in 1996. She builds her images such as paintings and the photographic image alights her compositions like a varnish. Lesueur’s works has exhibited in many countries around Europe, USA, Korea and China and can be seen in the most prestigious public and private collections. In 2011 Natacha Lesueur had her first retrospective at the MAMCO Geneva.

Disgust and a logic seduction emerges at the same time when you see the works. In Natacha’s pieces, violence can be seen coming from a scenography made with clinical precision,we see a deep gap withering these rarely photographed entire bodies that are exposed to an insurmountable quartering: that is their world and their surface.

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