Ilona D.Veresk is a superb talented photographer and art director who was born in Izhevsk and currently lives and wokrs in Moscow, Russia. Ilona focuses on fashion and commercial, she shoots also a lot of fine art and beauty portrait photography. ” I’ve found an inspiration in nature. In the dense morning fogs, in colorful meadows, in the murky swamps, in majestic mountains and bitter berries”, she explaines.

Becoming a photographer was not my dream at first, my camera lying covered with a dust up to 2013, but my mind are full of fantasy and i’m always find a way where i can use it. I’ve started my path as visual artist from photomanupulation. But i always wanted to get more control of my images, make them more qualitative and really unique. This is the thing which pushed me to work with photography. First time i’m worked in studio with my friends, i’ve sewed a costumes and make some props for them.

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