Miguel Vallinas is an professional photographer and artist, who was born in 1970 in Medina del Campo in the Northwest of Spain and currently lives and works in Madrid. His latest project “Ceci n´est pas” or “This is not”, is the final group of works from the three part series, which began with Miguel Vallinas’ “Skins.” Nonetheless, it is shown as an open collection, capable of including the many images that surround human life. It is true that “Ceci n’est pas” is the logical extension of the previous bodies of work in which the artist deconstructs the human, beginning with reality and evolving towards surrealism. Compared to the previous collections, these photographs demonstrate a physical separation between the body and the head, which has been replaced by inanimate objects.

It is everything that is implicit in our existence and that that which is definitively ours is the result of our circumstances, our wins, our errors, and our decisions.

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