Diane Villadsen is a talented self-taught photographer and artist currently based in Campbell, California, USA. Diane received her BA in Linguistics from University of California, Santa Barbara. She focuses on portrait, fine art and fashion photography. Villadsen’s work is highly connected to the earth – forests and bodies of water are her specialty. “I strive to create images that are timeless and introspective,” Diane explaines. “I love to incorporate unusual or unexpected elements to make each photo truly unique.”

“I want my photos to feel like they belong on a page next to a poem. I want them to have the mood of a Damien Rice song, or a Satie Gynmopedie. I don’t expect them to have great philosophical meaning most of the time, but I do want them to ignite some sort of feeling in those who view them. A bit of electricity down to their core. Just a heartfelt dash of “wow”.”

For her series “5 of a Kind”, Diane captured stunning multiportraits of 5 same dressed women, which seems symmetry and sameness. The idea originated a year ago when Diane conceptualized a photo shoot featuring, “a bunch of girls with bangs (fringe). I thought it would be cool to shoot group portraits of people with a similar look,” she says.

Locations including the Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park, Sutro Baths and Ft. Point.












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