Andrea Koporova is a talented self-taught photographer, who was born in 1979 in the central Slovakia town Lucenec and currently based in Austria. Her photography career started in 2011 and she is constantly progressing in her work. “During my studies I took degree from the Hotel Management but I could find myself in this kind of the career,” she says. Andrea’s photography combines natural and neutral colours with dramatic and a dark feel to it. She prefers taking portraits, especially women within their living environment. Her work concentrates mainly on emotions. “As a lot of my colleagues I have been trying various styles of the photography but I love to focus myself on the humans the most,” she explains. “The majority of my work is done outside – in the exterior and only with the natural light where I try to capture the beauty and the feelings of a given moment by my own eye.”

Pastel colors pallet with clear and minimalist lines are dominant components in her current work in which fantasy and esthetics are combined to reflect the artist sensitive quest.

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