Stefania Sammarro is a talented 29-year-old photographer and photoreporter based in Cosenza, Italy. Stefania received a degree in Dams (Art, Music and Performance’s Disciplines) at the University of Calabria. She is an ardent fan of fantasy books, fairy tales and unreal stories. “I’m not afraid to experiment and to develop new forms with nature, the clothes, the environment,” she says. Sammarro’s photography is based around storytelling with a conceptual, emotion or fineart.

My sensibility for muted colors and intense black and white compositions is informed by a love of classic silent cinema.

“Photography is an art that merely capture reality as it is,” says Stefania. “It allows you to turn it into a vortex of mirrors. Reality and fiction mix constantly in a photograph. The eye does not just play, but recreates colors, souls, emotions and sensations separate from time and reality.”

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