Amina Benbouchta is a talented self-taught photographer and artist, who was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1963, and currently lives and works between Paris and Casablanca. Her great grandmother was a writer and musician, her grandfather a photographer, her father was engaged with painting and theater before giving up to his passion for photography and opening an art gallery in Rabat. So Amina had access to the world of creation being very young, meeting relevant personalities and their work from early age and along her childhood. After graduating in 1986 in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies at McGill University, Montreal, she attended various workshops of drawing, lithography and etching in Paris.

“I prefer to devote myself to a work that asks questions of the future of the human being, in a universal way, without constantly bringing back the debate to the details of origin or identity.”

Benbouchta engages gender politics and the feminist slogan “the personal is political” in paintings and photographs in which she uses herself as a subject. She invents a symbolic language, from both personal concerns and socio-cultural issues: making visible what escapes the visible. Her work is not composed of a separate series.

Amina Benbouchta’s work is present in notorious and relevant public art collections such as Collection CDG Fondation Maroc, Collection ONA Fondation Maroc, BCM Bank Maroc Collection, Ministere de la Culture du Maroc Collection, Maroc Telecom Collection, SGMB Bank Collection and the Ministere des Finances Maroc Collection.









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