Mallory Morrison is an professional underwater photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Mallory uses her background in ballet and choreography to take the plunge into underwater photography. Inspired by her own dreams, Morrison’s underwater photography focuses on pastel-colored atmosphere and graceful movement under the sea. She shoots with a Canon 5D MKII and uses an Ikelite housing and strobes.

Our path is not always clear. Finding our way through life, figuring out what we what and how to get it can be like searching aimlessly through a foggy abyss. In FOG, Morrison captures feelings of uncertainty, desperation, and ultimate release throughout a journey to the water’s surface. These feelings also reflect Morrison’s artistic process of holding her breath underwater to capture each submerged form. The series tells the story of accepting the unknown: that which is on the other side of the surface and beyond the frame.

– Mallory Morrison

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