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Magical Fine Art Portrait Photography by TJ Drysdale

Amazing painterly-surreal portraits by TJ Drysdale, talented photographer, retoucher and artist who was born and raised in New York and currently lives and works in Tampa, Florida. TJ focuses on portraiture, he shoots stunning lifestyle, beauty, conceptual and fine art portrait photography. His unique photographic approach has captured the respect and appreciation of an ever-expanding international social media following. A romantic, graceful, and understated style has become the hallmark of his work. Drysdale uses Sony A99 camera, he has over 43,500 followers on instagram. My name is TJ Drysdale. I’ve been taking photographs since 2009. I began with landscapes/nature, and ... Read more

Fine Art Fashion and Beauty Portrait Photography by Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler is a hyper-talented 32-year-old photographer, filmmaker, artist, photography instructor and “Canon Explorer of Light” currently based in Manhattan, New York. Lindsay focuses on portraiture, she shoots marvelous beauty, fashion and editorial portrait photography. Her work has been featured in Marie Claire, Elle, InStyle, Noise, Essence, Zink Magazine, Rangefinder, Professional Photographer and now Photogrist :). She has over 140,000 followers on instagram. I create and share beauty. As a fashion and commercial photographer based in NYC, my job is to solve problems creatively and visually. Thankfully, I have more than half of my life invested in mastering my craft! ... Read more

Cinematic, Painterly and Fabulous Fine Art Portraits by Chris Knight

Astonishing and powerful portraits by Chris Knight, talented photographer and artist who was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and currently lives and works in New York City. Chris combines his unconditional love of art history with his conditional love of technology, topping it off with a flare for the cinematic and an uncompromising eye for detail. His work looks like it should be on the wall of an old castle somewhere. More info: instagram / facebook / website

#myeverydaymagic: Whimsical and Enchanting Fairy Tale Photography by Alexandria

Incredibly beautiful and magical creations by Alexandria a.k.a. @alexandriaslens, multi-talented photographer, retoucher, mom, instagramer and visual artist from Colorado. Alexandria creates so pretty and magical captures with sweetest colours and tones. Her work is absolutely magical and ethereal all in one. Alexandria has over 38,000 followers on instagram. In the words of my one year old, “Wow, lights!” // Dreaming of canoe trips by moonlight. I have always been drawn to the moon and the magic it creates. My father used to tell me that it was chasing us home and we would try to make it back before it ... Read more

Conceptual and Fine Art Portrait Photography by Marek Wurfl

Impressive portraits by Marek Wurfl, multi-talented photographer, retoucher and artist currently based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Marek focuses on portraiture, she captures marvelous beauty and fine art portrait photography. Wurfl uses Canon 5D mark II camera with Canon 85 f1.8 lens, amazing skin tones and subtle colour variation. Her portraits are beautiful, genuinely thought this was a painting. Fantastic work, you can’t tell if its real or an oil painting. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Adorable Beauty and Fine Art Portrait Photography by Xenia Lau

Sweetness portrait photography by Xenia Lau (previously featured), gifted Russian photographer and artist currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Xenia captures magical portraits with stunning soft colours, pink tones and super pretty girls. Lau always finds the most beautiful models, really, they are all just gorgeous! More info: instagram / facebook

Mesmerizing Fine Art Portrait Photography by Steve Gindler

Steve Gindler (previously featured) a.k.a. cvatik is a talented 28 year old photographer currently based in Northern New Jersey. Steve mainly specializes in portraiture. He creates well framed and processed beauty portraits. “Most of my time is spent looking through my camera’s viewfinder or at my computer screen”, he says. Gindler has over 136,000 followers on instagram. He uses Sony A7rii and Minolta X-700 cameras with Mitakon 85mm f/1.2, Nikkor 55m f/1.2, Sigma ART 35mm f/1.4, Helios 58mm f/2 and Minolta 58mm f/1.4 lens. Photography, in every sense, is literally my life. I try and take my camera with me ... Read more

Eccentric and Fine Art Portrait Photography by Robyn Walsh

Robyn Walsh a.k.a. ponygirl is a talented photographer and artist from Bellingham, Washington who currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. Specializing in natural light, Robyn shoots awesome portraits, wedding and lifestyle photography. She has 24,900 followers on instagram. More info: instagram / website

The Woman Who Never Existed: Fine Art Photography by Anja Niemi

Anja Niemi (previously featured) is a 41-year-old contemporary photographer from Norway who currently lives and works in London, UK. Anja focuses on staging and acting, she studied at the London College of Printing and Parsons School of Design in Paris and New York. In her beautiful series ‘The Woman Who Never Existed”, Anja combines photography and the theatre. She was inspired by the words of the pioneering Italian actress Eleonora Duse, who’s worked the international theatre stage in the early 20th century. Melancholic and romantic project explores a fictional character made real in a photographic series based on Eleonora’s words. ... Read more

Gorgeous Fine Art Portrait Photography by Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox is a talented 27-year-old fine art photographer and artist who was born in Houston, raised in Detroit, and now based in Portland, Oregon. Rob focuses on surreal and conceptual portraiture, he captures vividly whimsical scenes that reflect the dreams. Woodcox uses Canon 5D Mark II camera with Canon 50mm f/1.2, Canon 35mm f/1.4 and Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens, and Photoshop. Creating surreal fine art stories is a passion of mine; knowing how to make realistic and believable magic within an image often requires the stability of a tripod to produce consistent results. I don’t always use a ton ... Read more

Jungle: Painterly Fine Art Portraits by Itamar Freed

Itamar Freed is a talented 30-year-old Israeli photographer, who was born in New York. Itamar received his BFA in Fine Arts from the Photography Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel and is currently pursuing his MFA at the Royal College of Arts in London. Freed’s intensive photographs deal with the tension between enticement and rejection, between outer covering and essence, and between life and death. My photographic work draws upon a return to the classic paintings of Art History. Through the use of color, natural illumination at its extremes, open composition and multiple vanishing ... Read more