Roman Fedortsov is a deep-sea fisherman, who works on a trawler based in Murmansk, an ice fishing port not far from the Finnish border. Roman captures and shares on twitter and instagram pictures of weird and wonderful creatures hauled out of the Arctic Ocean by his boat.

Fedorstov’s account began featuring images of blood-chilling bottom feeders, creepy crustaceans and other sorts of ghoulish sea creatures that he and his crew hauled in their nets while trawling the deep waters off Russia’s Barents Sea. Roman has gained a loyal following on social media for his ghastly photos of fish that look like something dreamed up for a Guillermo del Toro film or if Stephen King had created the Muppets instead of Jim Henson.

The fisherman boasts more than 125,000 Instagram followers and counting, and has attracted the attention of publications all over the globe. Some argue that the strange fish look like something from a horror movie. However, Fedortsov shows no signs of fear when handling the fish and even adds some sense of humour to his tweets.

He told the Moscow Times he’s surprised by a number of the creatures he discovers that he struggles to identify.

Roman has also revealed photos of the bizarre chimaera, a fish commonly known as the ‘ghost shark.’

His instagram is flooded with photos of the most bizarre deep sea beings ever.

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