Impressive aerial landscapes by Jason Miller, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, drone pilot and adventurer currently based in Orlando, Florida, USA. He uses a DJI Mavic Air, Sony a6000 camera with a Rokinon 12mm and a Sony 35mm lens.

I learned everything I know from YouTube, books, websites, and asking anybody questions that would put up with me. I’ve never hung out with any photographers ever. I really want to get to know and meet up with photographers in the future. I want to learn from them, not take their style, but incorporate it into my style. Maybe I’m missing something when I’m shooting. As for editing, my style is forever changing. I still haven’t found me yet. I think I’m getting closer to having a set style but it’s a learning process. For my crop sensor photos, I use Lightroom on my MacBook only. For my iPhone photos, they are run through 2 to 4 app programs. Lightroom, Photoshop Express, Photoshop fix, and Snapseed. I travel so often, because 1, I love to travel, and 2, Florida is very difficult to shoot. The land here doesn’t give you anything. You have to get really creative. Yes we have beautiful beaches, but they look the same after a while, just as the state parks do. This state really challenges me as a beginner photographer.

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