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I Don’t Cook But Who Cares: Gorgeous Food Self-Portraits by Julia Wimmerlin

Julia Wimmerlin is a talented self-taught photographer and retoucher who was born in Kiev, Ukraine and currently lives and works in La Côte region, Switzerland. Julia shoots a lot of fashion, architecture, animals and portrait photography. For her latest personal series “I Don’t Cook But Who Cares”, Wimmerlin tried to turn her food into visual art. “I love food but I am unable to concentrate, spend time to make sure it’s good, search for the ingredients that go well together, experiment,” she explained. Julia used the old masters portraits as inspiration for the lighting. I hardly have a preferred genre, ... Read more

Amazing Food Photography by Julia Cosmo

Julia Cosmo is a talented former designer, photographer, retoucher, painter and educator based in Moscow, Russia. She shoots a lot of fine art, portrait, still life and food photography. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Power and Food: Dan Bannino Captures Favorite Food of The World’s Powerful People

Dan Bannino is a talented Italian photographer, art director and artist who currently lives and works in Turin. Dan likes to translate ideas into images, making photos that are telling stories. He shoots a lot of fine art, still life, food and portrait photography. “Power and Food” is a studio-reportage, exploring the eating habits of powerful and influential people like the Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and others. If you’re a fast food aficionado or a Pizza freak, you have more in common with Mr Donald J. Trump, and the Pope Francis himself then you ever imagine. Check ... Read more

Stunning Food Photography by Tiffany Bell

Tiffany Bell is a self-taught photographer currently based in Los Angeles, California. Tiffany shoots a lot of landscape, cityscape, interior and food photography. “Photography started off as just an interest – but the more I shot and practiced – the more I wanted to learn and explore,” she says. “Photography changed my world, it’s impact on me changed my way of thinking and taught me how to look at the ordinary and find the extraordinary.” More info: instagram / website

Like Ice in The Sunshine by Simone Rosenbauer

Simone Rosenbauer is an professional 39-year-old photographer from Southern Germany, who currently based in Sydney, Australia. She recieved her MA in Photography at University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, Germany in 2006. In 2008 she received the European Endeavour Award from the Australian Government to study for her MFA (Research) in photography at the University of New South Wales, which she completed in 2010. Simone currently works as a Photography lecturer at University of Technology and University of New South Wales in Sydney. Her colorful latest series “Like Ice in the Sunshine” evokes joy and elusiveness simultaneously. More info: website

Beautifully Arranged Visual Recipes by Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj is a talented Danish photographer based in Copenhagen, who specializes in high-end still life photography, mainly shooting advertisements and editorial features. Mikkel captured stunning photo series of various recipes as minimalist photographs that show various recipes as minimalist photographs that show all the ingredients before they’re made into meals. It wasn’t until I was 23 that I decided to become a photographer. While in Dubai I had bought my first SLR camera, a Minolta of questionable quality, taking up photography as a hobby, and when faced with the challenge of “What to do now if not college?” ... Read more

Fresh Faces Made From Organic Food by Emily Dryden & Zahydé Pietri

Photographer from Brooklyn Emily Dryden and prop stylist and actress from Puerto Rico, Zahydé Pietri have created a fun series of portraits made from fruits and vegetables which is known as Fresh Face. From just artfully arranged fruit and vegetables such as grapes, raspberries, flowers, beets, potatoes, and mushrooms, they have created a creative series of portraits made from various forms of produce. Fresh Faces are reminiscent of the 16th century works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Each portrait featured below has a unique persona and carefully select appropriate colors. Fresh Faces is a collaboration between Brooklyn based photographer Emily Dryden and ... Read more

Minimalist and Colorful Food Photography by Florent Tanet

Florent Tanet is a talented 28-year old photographer and art director currently baed in Paris, France. In 2013 he devoted himself exclusively to photography and art direction with a strong interest for still-life. Graduated from the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris, after various experiments in several fashion houses, fashion design and art direction, Florent began to develop his collection of photographic work that mixes his obsessions: still-lifes, Minimalism, colors and daily objects. Tanet works at the intersection of art, sculpture, graphic design and photography. His photos make ordinary scenes and objects into something complex and remarkable. He takes ... Read more

Pantone Food Series by Lucy Litman

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”98251,98252,98253,98254,98255,98256,98257,98258,98259″] Lucy Litman is a talented photographer and designer based in San Francisco. Lucy transformes all sorts of vibrant foods and ingredients with their respective Pantone swatches. “I started my #pantoneposts project almost a year ago – initially, it started as a way to clear my mind. I had a frustrating day at work and, at the time, wasn’t feeling very creative, so I came home and arranged a box of fruit loops I had sitting around by color,” Lucy Litman tells to Hello Giggles

Food Photography by Maren Caruso

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”large” ids=”94315,94316,94317,94318,94319,94320,94321,94322,94323″] Maren Caruso is a talented photographer and filmmaker, who was born and raised in San Francisco, USA. Known for clean, conceptual food and product work, her images are characteristically defined by masterful lighting, the play of texture, contrast, and movement, and exceptional precision. Maren picked up her first camera in high school and never put it down. Maren shoots a lot of food and still life photography. I love bringing an inanimate object to life and will do what it takes to reveal its sweet spot. Highlighting texture and capturing a moment that defines what ... Read more

Amazing Food Photographs by Eva Kolenko

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”large” ids=”94106,94107,94108,94109,94110,94111,94112,94113″] Eva Kolenko is a talented photographer, filmmaker and visual artist based in Novato, a small city close to San Francisco, California. Eva received her BA degree in Advertising Photography from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. She shoots a lot of lifestlye, editorial, advertising and food photography. Kolenko’s clients include Mars M&M’s, American Leather, Fast Company Magazine, OnEarth Magazine, Metropolitan Home, among others. I’ve had a love of shooting since I was 10 years old and have never doubted I was meant to be a photographer. Pursuing that passion lead me to the ... Read more