It was over fifteen years ago that Frances Tulk-Hart set out from London to pursue a career in fashion in New York City, beginning her career as a stylist for such titles as Vogue, Vogue UK, i-D, Purple, L’Uomo Vogue, Teen Vogue, and WWD.

Her great success in that field aside, Frances eventually found herself unsatisfied and a bit understimulated by her work as a stylist. Never one to shy away from a challenge, the indomitable Frances bravely embarked on a professional second act as a photographer, and has never looked back.

In fact, it is precisely her work as a stylist that laid the perfect groundwork for her singular and somewhat whimsical point of view behind the camera. An innate ability to capture seemingly disparate and incongruous elements lend Frances’ work a feeling of balance and resolution that are unique to her talent. Her disarming and easy manner coupled with her playful and irreverent compositional leanings make Frances’ images the one of a kind works that have placed her front and center of the ‘new guard’ of photographers which have infused the industry with fresh life.

Singled out by arguably the single most important presence in the landscape of American fashion, Marc Jacobs, Frances has collaborated often with this iconic designer both commercially and editorially. As well, Frances enjoys a close relationship with the ultimate showcase for new voices in the industry, Purple Magazine. Her work, which represents a break from some of the too-slick and overproduced imagery of the digital age, surely embodies the direction of fashion photography today.

Lastly, Frances’ relationships with some of the most fascinating names in fashion, art, and entertainment have given rise to her widely heralded web project “5 Minutes With Franny.” Here, she shares her intimate conversations with a who’s who of boldface talents and gives an insight into the always fresh and fast paced world she inhabits with signature grace, ease and style.

Frances lives in New York City with her husband and young daughter.