Francesca Occhi is an professional 27 years old photographer and graphic designer based in Ferrara, Italy. Francesca received her Degree in Photography from Isia Urbino and Degree in Industrial Design from University of San Marino (IUAV). She shoots a lot of documentary and portrait photography.

This photographic project has been idealized from a personal reflection upon the Po Delta. A place, in the common view, almost uncontaminated. In the “sacca of Goro” a huge lagoon located between the branches of the Goro and Volano Po, fishing is an important part of the local life.
I live in these areas since I was born.During the summer I used to walk on the beach, in direction of the mouth of the river, while I’m looking at the sea. What I can see is an environment where the human presence is really strong/deep. Beside the quiet surface of the water I can distinguish constructions, machine, objects and colors that appear in contrast with the surrounding habitat.
As in a big Wunderkammer under the blue sky,where the elements of the natural world (naturalia) and the artificial one (arificialia) combined together can create surprise or, as in this case, a cause for reflection.

-Francesca Occhi