Photographer from Brooklyn Emily Dryden and prop stylist and actress from Puerto Rico, Zahydé Pietri have created a fun series of portraits made from fruits and vegetables which is known as Fresh Face. From just artfully arranged fruit and vegetables such as grapes, raspberries, flowers, beets, potatoes, and mushrooms, they have created a creative series of portraits made from various forms of produce. Fresh Faces are reminiscent of the 16th century works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Each portrait featured below has a unique persona and carefully select appropriate colors.

Fresh Faces is a collaboration between Brooklyn based photographer Emily Dryden and sculptor and actress Zahydé Pietri. Inspired by the diversity of color and shape in nature, we created a cast of vibrant characters to reflect our observations. We sought to create unique personas for each piece by using fresh fruit, vegetables and botanicals. The series combines sculpture and photography to highlight and preserve their charm while still in their prime. Fresh Faces hopes to promote both cultural and agricultural diversity.

– Emily Dryden and Zahydé Pietri

Fresh Faces10

Fresh Faces9

Fresh Faces8

Fresh Faces7

Fresh Faces6

Fresh Faces5

Fresh Faces4

Fresh Faces3

Fresh Faces2

More info:
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