Alessandro Niccolai is a Tokyo/Florence based photographer.
From his early days studying literature at university, drinking fixer in the dark room, learning zone system and processing negatives to recent works his pursuit of new experiences pushes him to continually evolve his vision, while reminding him of the importance of carrying his camera with curiosity and respect.
Guided by his curiosity he decides to go to work before in South Korea and then in Japan where he lives and deepens the study of language and local traditions as key tools of intercultural understanding. Artistic inclination and intellectual shrewdness blend intensely in his way to talk to this nation.
The profound reverence for the nature and the people, his rare ability to recognize seemingly insignificant events not only as beautiful but as important, are in my opinion, some of the peculiar elements of his artistc vision.
In order to see we have to stop and observe his images. We have to decide to activate our visional interpretive faculties to understand some peculiar features of his artistic vision.
One of his last works is realised in Fukushima.
“It’s a personal journey through some of the places hit by the disaster occurred at the Fukushima plant, as Naraha-machi, Namie-machi and Tamura-machi. I wondered if suffering is the only way to capture the true feeling of life. I took note, with my photos, of some personal impressions of what is nothing but a faint reflection of a feeling, never properly representable. No rough accusation. No hindsight judgment. Only the attestation of an illusory normality, the awareness of the extreme determination and dignity of japanese people, and the will not to forget this experience dramatically unimaginable and, despite that, at times, glorifying life.”