Garrett Cornelison was born into a family of artists; his mother – a children’s book illustrator, and his father – a jazz musician. He grew up in a town, outside of a town, outside of a town not far from the middle of the USA. His family fully cultivated his creative endeavors and gifted him his first camera in high school.

His subjects vary and his aesthetic sways between a clever playfulness and a charming sensitivity, however he remains ever-focused on trying to tell the story. His failing memory and obsession for the details have more than helped shape his photographic style.

He is inspired by the universal moments that punctuate our lives and the vastly different ways we choose to sow them. He loves the moments in-between moments, listening to stories, watching the landscape slowly evolve between geographies and a deliberately planted row of trees.

Garrett recently finished a year-long 50-state journey across the country while on a documentary project and book tour. He lives for making images and telling stories and believes that every piece of trash has a story to tell.