George Osodi, is a Nigerian photographer based in Lagos.He studied Business Administration at the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, before working as a photojournalist for the then defunct Comet Newspaper Lagos from 1999-2001. He joined the Associated Press News Agency Lagos in 2001-2008. Osodi has covered many assignments for both local and international organizations, with his photographs published in many international and local media such as the “New York Times,” “Time Magazine,” the “Guardian of London,” “The Telegraph,” London Times, “USA Today,” the “International Herald Tribune,” CNN, BBC Focus on Africa Magazine, Der Spiegel of Germany and many more.

He has also been commissioned on photo project woldwide by several organizations like, Nestle Switzerland,Bilfinger Berger Germany, Schlumberger Nigeria, Access Bank Nigeria, Oxfam USA, Amnesty international and many more. Osodi is a member of Panos Pictures U.K, and he is managed by Zphotographic ltd U.K.

Nigeria Monarchs is amazing series of stunning portraits of more than 20 kings and queens all over the country by acclaimed Nigerian photographer George Osodi.