Giorgio Barrera is a talented Italian photographer and filmmaker, who developed a project in which, through windows, people are photographed within domestic interiors. In “Through the Window”, Giorgio concentrates on the landscape, and on the daily rituals of domestic life. The artist put flash lights with the consent of the people living in those apartments to trigger them and take a photo whenever he decided to. He has travelled in Norway, Italy, Denmark, Finland and also in Germany to take pictures of people through their windows. Barrera turns the psychology of the viewer inside out, raising questions about watching and being watched, what is photographed and how it is changed by being photographed. Indeed, the window has been the key metaphor of the collective imagination since the Renaissance, we look at a picture as if we are looking through a window, so that what we see is beyond the glass, namely a transparent, invisible surface that forms the medium onto which the image is projected. Many ordinary and some peculiar situations are presented to our eyes; others reveal intimate moments of calm or tension.