Giuliano Bekor is a fashion, celebrity, and fine art photographer whose iconic images have graced the covers of top publications globally. The heart of Giuliano’s approach is his uncompromisingly authentic spirit and contagious passion for his art. His innate, almost primal commitment drives him to pursue innovative techniques and develop the skill to invite honesty and drama from his subjects.

Always at the forefront, Giuliano’s style is nuanced and fresh. “I pick up the camera with the excitement of a child. I treat every project like it’s the first and the last shot I will ever take”, he says.

Giuliano’s influence as a leader in the fashion editorial and advertising industries has spread into a growing reputation in the world of fine art. A readiness to explore topical and at times confrontational subject matter has generated an impressive portfolio of works currently being showcased globally.

Glamorous, bold, and provocative, Giuliano’s images are compelling reminders of his philosophy: “Do everything with love.”