Qingjian Meng is a talented photographer and artist, whose work focuses on fashion and portraiture. Meng began his photography career working along side top fashion photographers in NYC as well as being a studio manager and learning the nuances of fashion and portrait lighting.

Currently working and shooting in Los Angeles, Qingjian has launched personal project called “Gold Rush” that provides anachronistic portraits of 19th-century people using and interacting with our modern technologies from the 21st century. The technologies include a apple watches, personal drones, ipads, headphones and e-cigarettes.

By creating 19th century characters posing with 21st century technology, these portraits create a dialogue between generations. It anachronistically reveals how cyclical economic and innovative tides can be. Through these portraits, I explore the relationships between innovation and necessity, economic drive and cultural values. No matter what time or place we have come from, the human spirit will always strive to create something new. while building on the foundation of our predecessors.

– Qingjian Meng

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