Shamim Shorif Susom is a talented photographer and Air Force pilot from Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a pilot, he has access to breathtaking and dramatic bird’s-eye views of rivers, lakes and green landscapes in his motherland during his flights. Shamim took the images while flying over the south Asian countryside where he was raised. His images provide a unique look at daily life for villagers whose lifeline is fertile farmland and paddy fields, and fishermen who set out every day on rivers or lakes in traditional boats.

I’m a pilot , Photography is my hobby and most of the time , I love to spend time with my camera

– Shamim Shorif Susom

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From my childhood, I had keen interest on photography. I started photography in class 9, continued it with my Yashika MF-2 camera with films, lateron, shifted to DSLR in 2011. It has always been a big passion for me, part of my life and lifestyle. I won crafty`s international wedding photography contest in 2013, won honorable mention award in The photographic angle, UK contest and was one of the 10 winners of the bKash photography contest in 2014. I have participated in 19 exhibitions , has worked as an orginizer in Grasshoppers Photographic Community and editor at Grasshoppers Photographic School.

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