Gundula Blumi is a talented self taught photographer, who was born in a little town in Northern Germany near the sea and currently based in Berlin, where she studied Cultural Work & Arts Management. Gundula shoots a lot of street, cityscape amd portrait photography. The streets of the German capital are a perfect decor for Blumi’s haunting, distorted portraits. She works as a remedial educator with handicapped persons.

I started photographing to remember. I want(ed) to capture everything – situations, persons, atmospheres, emotions, the “zeitgeist” of different times.

— Gundula Blumi

Gundula Blumi2

I like it to change pictures in different experimental ways, so that photos which have in their original form no or no interesting emotional effect suddenly have an effect, only by changing tiny details. With my work I intend to create bizarre photographs which trigger strange or unknown emotions.

— Gundula Blumi

Gundula Blumi3

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