Hario Manolache is an professional photographer from Romania, who currently based in San Francisco. Hario received his Bachelor degree in film making and he went for a Master’s degree at Academy of Art University from San Francisco.

I have been a photographer for a while and my big question was for many years how I can help somebody with a photograph… After a while I understood that photography, as writing, can change mentalities and can solve problems.

– Hario Manolache

For his series “The Prince and the Pauper”, Manolache connected with homeless community in San Francisco, learned their stories, and shot two portraits of the people, one which showed their present day state and the other was their dream job which they never had. Horia believes that homeless communities are often misunderstood and unfairly stereotyped, which is what inspired him to start taking these photographs.

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‘My project is about the dreams of the people who have forgotten to dream or couldn’t dream,’ he explained. “They reached a moment in their life when they don’t have food, water, they don’t have a place to wash themselves, the bank took their house, their mind is unsettled from war horrors or they are wanted by police for an unpaid bill.”

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