Micah Roemmling is a talented self-taught 20-year-old photographer, retoucher and adventure currently based in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Micah inspired by astonishing Hawaiian landscapes, he shoots magical nature, travel, mountscape and nightscape photography. Roemmling uses Canon 7d Mark ii, Sony A6000 and GoPro Hero 4 cameras.

What inspires you ? Do you know the feeling of really being inspired ? I do, its a sensational feeling. When i first picked up a camera I aimed to be inspired myself, through capturing images and experiencing amazing places. Before i stared to take photos i didnt stop to appreciate these fleeing moments, but photography opened my eyes to the world. Seeing these beautiful places and destinations through images changed my view and had a lasting impact on me. A few years later and i still find inspiration around me everyday, though my goal in photography has shifted from finding my own inspiration to inspiring others. Theres a whole world out there to be seen, and i think a lot of people dont know the beauty our earth possesses. People get to caught up in things like politics, religion, work, and never stop to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. I want to show people the world in a different way, a new perspective, tell our earths story through photographs. What excites me most about travel is the idea of mystery and discovery it presents a unique opportunity for me to not only experience our world but more importantly to share our world.

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