Talented Washington-based photographer Michael Dyrland captured the sad future of the oceans and the pollution of our planet. His project “HAZMAT Surfing” featuring surfers, lifeguards, and beach goers wearing HAZMAT suits to protect themselves from the contaminated waters around Venice Beach, CA. Dyrland teamed up with the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit which is devoted to protecting our beaches and oceans. He chose Venice beach as a location for the shoot because of its world-wide relevance to surfing and the surf community. Dyrland hopes to continue Hazmat Surfing at different locations in the US and beyond.

“There’s nothing worse than being told you can’t go in the water, let alone go surfing after you’ve made the trek down to the beach,” said Michael Dyrland, photographer and filmmaker. “You’ve planned your trip ahead of time and suddenly a rainstorm hits and you’re not allowed in the water for 3 days. You’ve planned your whole trip around the beach, what else is there to do but throw on a HAZMAT suit?”

via Feature Shoot