High Speed Photography

High Speed Photography by Alan Sailer

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”26280,26281,26282,26283,26284,26285,26286,26287,26288,26289,26290″] Alan Sailer is an engineer and talented self taught photographer, who shoot a lot of high speed photography. Alan currently based in Camarillo, Ventura County, California, USA. He is very, very obscure photographer, who works in his garage shooting stuff with a pellet rifle and photographing the results with a home built flash.

Flowervases by Martin Klimas

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” size=”large” ids=”26482,26483,26484,26485,26486,26487,26488,26489,26490,26491,26492″] Martin Klimas is the colorful and creative hybrid of photographers Edweard Muybridge and Dr. Harold Edgerton. Through his own experimentation with motion and the cause and effect in gravity, Klimas’ photographs explore relationships with time, beauty and destruction. In his work with Porcelain, Klimas uses a strobe light and a single camera frame; one chance of the figurine dropping and shattering. In his series Flowers, a spring-fired projectile bursts the base of the vase into a bedlam of fragmented pieces. In each photograph, Klimas shows the transformation of solid object into one that is in ... Read more

Shootout by Fabian Oefner

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”25036,25037,25038,25039,25040,25041,25042,25043,25044″] Fabian Oefner is a curious investigator, photographer and artist, whose work moves between the fields of art and science. His images capture in unique and imaginative ways natural phenomena that appear in our daily lives, such as sound waves, centripetal forces, iridescence, or the unique properties of magnetic ferroliquids. His exploration of the unseen and poetic facets of the natural world is an invitation, as he says, “to stop for a moment and appreciate the magic that constantly surrounds us.” Oefner’s photographs have been exhibited in various countries and are part of private collections around the ... Read more