Severin Ettlin is a talented self-taught photographer, digital artist and filmmaker from Horw, who’s currently lives and works in Luzern, Switzerland. Severin focuses on fine art, he shoots a lot of portrait, landscape and fashion photography. “Photography is a picture of how the photographer sees reality,” he says. “The starting point and the drive for all my work is the idea that reality is very subjective. It gives me the freedom to let the moment create a work of art.”

I try again and again to bring together the mysteries of light, form and colour in a context that reflects my view of reality. I connect people, nature and buildings to a scene which comes close to my idea of reality, or „surreality“. It arises picture by picture and each one has its own face.

For his latest project “Homolux”, Severin Ettlin used flashlights and LED panels to capture stunning silhouettes in various environments, ranging from the deep woods to city streets. Severin uses Canon EOs 5D2 and Linhof Technika 70 cameras.

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A fascination with the huge variety of possible technical and conceptual points of view is the foundation of my work. I constantly research new methods and approaches so I can find new ways of seeing things an new angles to see them from.

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