Hsin Wang is a talented Taiwanese fine art photographer, who currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Hsin recevied her MPS in Digital Photography from in Digital Photography School of Visual Art, New York and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan. She also studied Electronic Imaging and Illustration at Pratt Institute. For her series “De-Selfing”, Wang captured a visual representation of her feelings about romantic relationships. Her works are characterized as minimal, elegant, and provocative.

I have been using my photography to create a visual representation of my feelings about romantic relationships, called De-Selfing.

After a major break up, I deeply believed that if I didn’t transform myself into a more likeable woman, there would be no more happiness in my life. So I started to dispose of everything that defined the old “me”-things I did, said, and even believed. I chose to “de-self” myself in order to please potential romantic partners.

Creating the images in De-Selfing has been a therapeutic process for me. Since starting the project, I have picked myself up piece by piece, gotten my confidence back, and been able to hear my own voice again.

Hsin Wang