Andric Ljubodrag is a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and artist who was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Andric was born in 1965 to a family of artists. In 1988, while studying literature in Belgrade, Andric first exhibited at the Modern Art Gallery in Belgrade. Ljubodrag has become very popular and successful with his pieces and today works with many well-known brands like: Amex, Amtrak, Aramark, Bayer, Bose, B&B Italia, Campbell’s, Capital One, Chick-Fil-A, Compaq, Coors, Corona, Dove, Guinness, Hitachi, Honda, IBM, ILLY, INTEL, Invesco, Kraft, LL Bean, M&M’s, Magnum, Novo Nordisk, Palm, Pirelli, Samsung, Silk, SYFY, TD Bank, Toshiba, Vespa, Visa…

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A good image should always leave some questions unanswered

Andric Ljubodrag does nearly all of his own post-production work, believes shooting from real life is the key to creating compelling photography. He reserves the digital phase for enhancing atmosphere, not assembling the illusion of reality.

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