Matej Kriz is a talented self-taught photographer, filmmaker and traveler currently based in Höfn, Iceland. Matej captures incredible colorful lights inside the eerie ice caves of Iceland. “Photography brings me to beautiful places, cultures, gives me oportunity to live my dreams, help others in need”, he says. Kriz captured the amazing shots in the Vatnajokull National Park on the Breidamerkurjokull glacier tongue. Amazing colors, lights and textures.

One of the ice caves has been well known for few years already, but new ones appeared on east side of the glacier tongue this year. I live in the area for almost one year and exploring is part of my job – since I am working in the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, we were able to spot them from the boats in the end of the summer. Since my job involves cooperating with local companies, I have good relationships with them, and they told me about caves hidden from tourists, chichis the crystal blue one. It is always dangerous in these areas, to some of them you can get on the boat and then climb on the glacier, or with a super jeep or on your own, but anything can happen at any time of course. There are active volcanoes under the glacier, and earthquakes can break the entrance to the cave … or you can encounter an Icelandic troll!

The caves change every second thanks to the light, but it is just appearance during the days. The biggest problem is the warm weather or rain because ice caves are created by streams of water – it is basically a glacier’s waste pipe. Iceland is magical country and the ice caves are a fantasy world all by themselves. You can admire the whole thing or focus on details hidden in the ice and find much more.

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