Ingeborg Morath was born in 27th May 1923, in Graz, Austria. His parents were highly educated scientists. Morath studied languages as a young woman. She loved words and set her course to be a writer and editor. However, the Second World War’s gruesome power intervened and would mark Morath for life. Like other millions, she became displaced, but through her wanderings in a torn-up Europe she unexpectedly found joy in photography.

A friend of photographer Ernst Haas, she wrote articles to accompany his photographs and was invited by Robert Capa and Haas to Paris to join the newly founded Magnum agency as an editor and researcher. She began photographing in London in 1951, and joined Magnum Photos as a photographer in 1953. While working on her own first assignments, Morath also assisted Henri Cartier-Bresson during 1953-54, becoming a full member in 1955.

On her first trip to New York she was interrogated by immigration inspectors suspected of having communist connections because she had a book about movie stars called ‘Stardust in Hollywood’ in her suitcase published by the ‘Left Book Club’ of London.

It was in 1960 during the shooting of The Misfits in Reno that Inge met both Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe. Inge arrived with Henri Cartier-Bresson to photograph the filming. In his autobiography Timebends Arthur Miller said of Marilyn’s feelings towards Inge;