Ingrid Bugge is a talented Danish visual artist and photographerm who was born in 1968. Previously she was a creative developer for Danish Broadcast Company, The National Museum of Denmark and the Tycho Brahe Planetarium with focus on creating visual stories on new media and short films.

For her series “The Essence of Ballet”, Ingrid spent nearly two years in residence with the Danish Royal Ballet and employed digital techniques to capture movement and animate dance sequences.

Over a period of two years from 2012-2013 I have closely followed The Royal Danish Ballet, of which the art project The Essence of Ballet stems. The photographic collages visualizes the nerve and soul of ballet and resembles the classical painting in their expression. The intention of the art project was to capture and condense moments from the ballet performances to reveal the essence of ballet. The Essence of Ballet consists of four parts; a touring exhibition, an art book, a multi-touch ibook and an in cito exhibition in the city space of central Copnehagen.

– Ingrid Bugge

It’s Bugge’s unique technique that makes her work interesting – she manipulates the images and printing process to create visuals that look more like classical paintings than photographs in their composition, colouring and expression.

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