Inka & Niclas are a photographic duo based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their work circulates around expectations on nature and the landscape, and how photographs have formed those expectations. Differentiating between the physical and photographic worlds they are interested in the act of taking a photograph and often work with very momentarily made installations and actions done only for the camera and the photograph.

Using mirrors and camera techniques, Inka & Niclas recreate the light and colours of this everyday, yet spectacular moment, capturing and transferring it onto various scenes and objects.

“Inka and Niclas’ practice evolves around an exploration of the different components that constitutes the powerful psychological effects of different natural phenomena and landscapes. In their previous project Saga, which was presented in the book Watching Humans Watching, Inka and Niclas started to deconstruct the attractiveness of a sunset. They experimented by extracting its different colours and applying them to new objects and scenes, they explore the possibility of transferring the magical qualities of a sunset to a lesser, more mundane image. This is further developed in the series The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the earth. The series consists of eight images of rocks in the shoreline dripping with lush colours and with the open horizon as their backdrop. For a moment the sunset left the sky and moved into these rocks. It is not an experience recorded with the eye but the migration of the colors has, through the testimony of the camera, been registered into a new corner of our reality. Every different rock is photographed in a new sunset. Obviously, the endeavor is not to recreate an actual sunset, instead the work lies in the time consuming and persistent process of repeatedly approaching and deconstructing its magical effects.”