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Instagram Duo Travels The World To Capture Sceneframing Photos From Famous Scenes

Tiia Ohman and Satu Walden are TV and film fans from Finland who have travelled thousands of miles to recreate their favourite TV and filming locations. The friends use their iPad to replace the backdrop in their favourite film scenes with the real-life locations. The travel bloggers, both from Helsinki, have crossed the USA, Iceland and Northern Ireland to bring characters to life. Fangirl Quest has over 21.500 followers on Instagram and counting. More info: instagram / facebook / website

#livefolkindonesia: Awesome Instagrams of Indonesia by Abraham Yusuf Agazzy

Wonderful landscape photography by Abraham Yusuf Agazzy, talented self-taught photographer and traveler currently based in Malang, Indonesia. Abraham focuses on nature and adventure photography. He travels accross his county to capture magnificent landscapes. Agazzy has over 33.500 followers on Instagram and counting. More info: instagram

Photographer Hidefumi Nakamura Captures Bizarre Japanese Public Toilets

Hidefumi Nakamura is a talented photographer and instagrammer from Tokyo who travels accross Japan to capture the country’s quirkiest public toilets. Hidefumi started his instagram account @toilets_a_go_go to snap the diversity of Japanese toilets. Nakamura’s photos are eye-catching shots of these idiosyncratic bathrooms. . ・ 公園 in the park ステンレス製 個室タイプ #赤い屋根 ・ #トイレ #公衆トイレ #手洗所 #publictoilet #publicrestroom #toilet #toilets #toilette #toiletten #toilettes #restroom #wc #toiletdesign #japanesearchitecture #japanesebuilding #japanesestyle #tokyo A post shared by H.Nakamura (@toilets_a_go_go) on May 11, 2018 at 5:31pm PDT . ・ 公園 in the park 円柱と採光屋根、ステンレスメッシュでデザインされたトイレ #全国グッドトイレ10入選 ・ #トイレ #公衆トイレ #手洗所 #publictoilet #publicrestroom #toilet #toilets #toilette ... Read more

Top 10 Dogs You Should Be Following on Instagram

Below are 10 most popular dogs on Instagram as of April 2018, sorted by the highest numbers of followers. These pets literally have millions of more followers than you. 1. @Jiffpom – Over 8,4 millions followers 2. @Itsdougthepug – Over 3,3 millions followers 3. @Marutaro – Over 2,6 millions followers 4. @Marniethedog – Over 2,1 millions followers 5. @Tunameltsmyheart – Over 1,9 millions followers 6. @Loki – Over 1,7 millions followers 7. @Harlowandsage – Over 1,6 millions followers 8. @Thiswildidea – Over 1,2 millions followers 9. @Manny_the_Frenchie – Over 1,1 millions followers 10. @Lokistagram – Over 703 thousands followers Sourse: ... Read more

Surreal Portrait Photo-Manipulation by Instagram Star Annegien Schilling

Manipulated self-portraits by Annegien Schilling a.k.a. fetching_tigerss (previously featured with her incredible manipulated self-portraits), multi-talented 18 years old photographer, digital artist and content creator who was born in Seattle, but is of Dutch descent and speaks the language. She moved to the Netherlands at the age of three. From a very young age, she was creative and showed a keen interest in photography. Since her father is a photographer she got her first camera when she was nine; however, everything changed when she discovered Instagram four years ago at the age of thirteen. Known for her variety of edited photos, ... Read more

Cinematic, Conceptual and Dreamlike Photography by Alexa Svilkic

Gorgeous photographs and manipulations by Alexa Svilkic, talented self-taught photographer and digital artist based in Kragujevac, Serbia. Alexa focuses on conceptual, cinematic and fine art photography. He has over 12,900 followers on instagram and counting. More info: instagram / facebook

Stunning Urban Instagrams of New York City by Ray Livez

Ray Livez is a talented photographer, instagramer and urban explorer based in New York City. Ray shoots incredible cityscapes, architecture and street shots of New York. He has 114,000 followers on instagram. More info: instagram

#instatravel: Urban, Landscape and Adventure Photography by Josh Perrett

Josh Perrett (previously featured) is a 29-year-old award winning photographer, retoucher, drone pilot and filmmaker from Bristol, England. Josh uses a Sony A7RII with a range of Sony and Canon lenses. He has 137,000 followers on instagram. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Michele Baldini Turns His Breakfast Eggs Into Works of Art on Instagram

Michele Baldini is a talented 20-year-old artist and medical student currently based in Monterrey, north Mexico. His instagram account “The Eggs-hibit” is dedicated to eggquisite frying pan art which will make even the most perfectly cooked plate of eggs look miserable in comparison. Using the same canvas for each photo – a black frying pan – each of Baldini’s posts features an incredible image comprised using her favourite medium only – fried eggs. The Eggs-hibit page already has over 27,600 followers. More info: instagram

Meet Coco Hamamatsu, The Adorable 7-Year-Old Japanese Instagram Star With Over 472000 Followers

Coco Hamamatsu is only 7-years-old but is already taking the Tokyo’s fashion scene by storm with her sharp fashion sense. She first learned about fashion from her parents who run a vintage clothing store in the trendy Tokyo neighborhood of Harajuku. The store “is a place for young people that want to explore their fashion interests and just feel free,” Coco’s mother, Misato, says, adding that they moved to Tokyo after an earthquake forced them to evacuate from their previous home. So, they started anew. Coco’s style ranges from punk to normcore and she can rock a puffer jacket like ... Read more

Stunning Instagrams by Wasilij Sobolew aka DoubleKickOneSnareShot

Wasilij Sobolew is a multi-talented photographer, digital artist, filmmaker and soundproducer currently based in Moscow, Russia. Wasilij shoots a lot of urban, nature, architecture and drone photography. More info: instagram