Jack Bernal is a talented photographer and visual artist based in Barselona, Spain. He shoots a lot of lifestyle, portrait, nature, fine art and conceptual photography. Inspired by the decomposition of movement of Muybridge and Marey it is a small sample of the diary of a street, of a neighborhood, of a Saturday morning.

I remember a long time ago already, that I liked to play retouching, coloring and doing assemblies with photographs, but nothing serious at all … It was years later that I discovered the passion that I have today for photography. Through my ipod and my compact small camera I began to experiment with objects, to do compositions and to be my own model for my first test.
Sometime later it would not be late until I bought my first reflex. From this moment I went a step beyond and decided to go deeper and to study photography.

Thanks the dance and body language, where I come from, it is my interest for the human body and the movement.
I conceive the photography as a tool of expression, creativity and reflection, even slightly magically in occasions, which there reflects elements and emotions of oneself that the person sometimes unknow.
In my learning I have discovered and worked different kinds of photographic genders but I am more interested in the artistic, creative and conceptual photography to be used at the body, the light, the movement, the nature and to create fictions for differents ideas of thinking.

Jack Bernal