Jacqueline Mikuta was born in Sweden but moved to Mallorca, spain when she was 9, where she got inspired by the beautiful people and nature to do photography. She started with black and white analouge photography and with 15 years old she moved to Stockholm to study photography and graphic design for 3 years. After that she wanted to move further in both the photography and design world so she moved to Barcelona and studied Art Direction and advertising for 3 years. In between she got very interested in Make up and styling, so after doing a beauty course with Louise Constad, beauty queen in London, she started working as a make up artist and stylist for commercial and photoshoots while she still worked on her own fashion photography project where she did eveything including styling, make up, photography and retouching.

Now she lives in Berlin which is full of art and creativity where she now works with different stylists on interesting projects.