Jan Stel is a self taught photographer and Photoshop artist. Those who know him describe him as sensitive, sometimes confused, but always honestly creative and passionately driven. As a way of exploring and understanding life s moments, he began taking pictures in his twenties. In attempting to know why a subject moves us emotionally as humans, Jan moved through a phase where he himself created fanciful and artistic Graffiti murals, detailed drawings and realistic illustrations. When creating, Jan feels in his element and is not led by ego.

Today, the Dutch photographer explains his current body of work in this way: “The human eye is far more sensitive than a camera lens and picks up miner as well as profound differences in a scene. We as humans see a story, we feel the energy of a subject and because the camera ocular is technically focused and limited in its ability, I capture the image in multiple exposures. The scene my eye sees and what the camera is unable to pick up, is my fascination. I want to bring back that life and energy through Photoshop. Brushing in more depth and balance in a realistic way, using what my eye has experienced as a guide, I add a touch of fantasy to extend and enliven the atmosphere.”