Photographer Janek Sedlář has had an affinity for nature since a very young age, exploring the natural world around him in the Czech Republic. Through his photography, he is able to share the “remarkable gifts” of nature, and this profound emotional connection he has to the forests and meadows is apparent when viewing his outstanding portfolio. Filled with wonder and a sense of mystery, each photograph awakens the inner adventurer to explore the scene he has so beautifully captured.

I was born 23 February 1987 in Kyjov, South Moravian region in Czech republic. I am 26 years old, coming from Lipov originally, thats the small village inside White Carpathian, the area itself is called Horňácko, well known for preserved cultural heritage of our ancestors. I spent a lot of time in the woods and meadows of White Carpathian during my childhood. My the most beautiful remembrances and memories are from this young age, we spent almost all free time outdoors me, my brother and cousin. We were playing, running, climbing and everything was a pure presence. This young experiences have probably the most influence for my connection and relationship with nature.

Being in these woods, hills and meadows is a return to childhood for me, its a feeling the present moment. Time ceases exist, during each composition i am purely concentrated. Usually thoughts disappears and i can feel freedom inside. So photography for me is a spiritual essence which can help me change my state of being. I usually go into nature for several days it helps me be a more connected.