Janne Kahila is a talented 26-year-old self-taught photographer, retoucher, adventurer and student currently based in Espoo, Finland. Janne focuses on landscaping and traveling, he shoots amazing adventure, lifestyle and nature photography. “I really like the technical side of photography and the attention to details my inner perfectionist can put into action in post processing”, he says. “I enjoy experimenting with different techniques in the field and in post processing to create my kind of look to my photos.”

My name is Janne Kahila and I’m a Finnish landscape photographer. I have a day-job as a supply chain analyst in a cool software company but I’m also a keen traveller and passionate photographer. Data analysis and photography go surprisingly well together as my analytical mindset and meticulous touch come handy in both fields. I’m self-taught and over the years I have developed my own techniques both in the field and in post-processing that have carved my style into what it is today. Characterised by the attention to details and technical variety, my images have been widely published and seen in top places of prestigious international contests. Another side of photography that drives my passion forward are the great vistas and memorable travels that inspire me to push my skills and vision further. I love wandering outdoors and climbing the mountains to reach for even better landscapes. I’m constantly trying to improve my skills by exploring new tricks and techniques in search for the perfect photograph.

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