Long before realizing the importance of a photograph, Jason Houge borrowed a camera from his mother to make his first images while in the third grade. From that time on, photography remained a hobby until Houge decided to attend college while in his mid-twenties. While earning a B.A. in design art from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Houge studied fine art photography and joined the university newspaper. In 2008, Houge earned his first award for a news photograph while still on the student-run newspaper. This proved to be a pivotal moment for Houge as he soon began to seek out new relationships and experiences to develop a deeper appreciation for the medium. A year later he attended an intense workshop with world-renowned photographer David Alan Harvey in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, Houge has published work in a number of small publications, exhibited with “pop-up” shows in a variety of alternative spaces, and has hung work in galleries and museums across Wisconsin and New York. Today, Houge shares his experiences by teaching university classes and workshops to people of all ages. Houge’s work is that of a compassionate wanderer in search of human interest stories that explore the many facets of humanity and life in today’s world.