American photographer Jason Langer is best known for his psychological and noirish visions of contemporary urban life. Secret City, his first monograph published by Nazraeli Press, depicts night and dusk scenes of various cities with “carefully crafted compositions reminiscent of the symbolist photographers, and swathes of meticulously printed deep black tones characteristic of the gelatin silver process…as much Hopper and Raymond Chandler as Steichen” (Bomb Magazine).

Langer’s love of photography dates back to his childhood in Ashland, Oregon. Groomed on a Mamiya C330 twin-lens reflex, Langer developed his work in a makeshift darkroom cum hall closet in his family home before moving on to more advanced technology at the University of Oregon, where he earned a degree in photography. Following graduation, Langer worked as an apprentice and printer for some of the Bay Area’s most renowned photographers, including Ruth Bernhard, Arthur Tress, and Michael Kenna, who became a lifelong mentor and friend.