Jean-Daniel Lorieux lives and works in Paris. Since the 70’s, he is one of the most famous french photographer. After engineering studies, then young conscripted, he’s sent to Algeria as war reporter.

Back in Paris, he will start his carreer at Harcourt’s studio, before joining the prestigious ranks of Vogue & l’Officiel’s photographers, rapidly becoming one of the greatest fashion photographers.

Travelling around the world, only chasing for sun and very blue skies, he would define his distinctive style with high contrasted images, where colours and fashion are dazzling over uncommon women and men, exuding a very distinctive and refined eroticism. Since then, he has signed many of the most famous campaigns with the greatests models of the time. Besides, he pursues a more personnel carrer as portrait painter.

Glamourous photographer and distinguished artist, many celebrities, icons. politicians had been captured by his talent.