Jean-Pierre Duvergé is a talented 68 years old photographer based in Cergy, France. Jean-Pierre hunts for expressive portraits on the city’s streets. He shared his photos with us through our Facebook page.

Originally from Bordeaux, I am based in Cergy-Pontoise near Paris since 1981. I have seen the city grow along with my children.
Everyone speaks of diversity, everyone says it’s wealth, and Cergy particularly where more than 130 nationalities live together.
A picture is worth more than words, I decided to show it by photographing anonymous people who could be our neighbors, the retailer where we go every day, a person who passes in the street you look and who you look, a smile sometimes. I prefer the faces because they express the deepest being, black and white to go to basics and look, because it is through him that humans communicate: it is the gateway to the soul.
It is more photogenic, but to realize the beauty of the human race through its diversity. I realize that man is capable of the worst meanness but what I want to show is the infinite tenderness and depth it holds.
If we feel this beauty, so in us develops an ethics is to say a body free from social or cultural constraints because as suggested by Francois Cheng, “aesthetic emotion born ethics that is to say ultimately the recognition of the Other as a subject.

– Jean-Pierre Duvergé