Jeff Lewis is a 22 year-old landscape photographer with a Bachelor’s degree in meteorology from UCLA. His work has been featured in magazines, contests, art galleries, various photo websites, and official UCLA publications. He is one of twelve student artists around the United States to be featured in Adobe’s global Creative Cloud campaign.

Jeff is an avid hiker and backpacker; over the summer, he is a backcountry ranger in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Many of his images are taken in extremely remote, almost-never-before-photographed locations — he is known to plan a 100-mile hiking trip, mostly off trail, just to get a shot.

Jeff is known for his fusion of meteorology and landscape photography. He uses satellite images, weather models, and short and long-range forecasts to predict when and where the best light will occur at sunrise and sunset. A crucial part of making a stunning landscape image is being in the right place at the right time when the optimal light and weather conditions converge. With a background in meteorology, Jeff is able to maximize his chances of being in such situations.