Jen Pan is a talented photographer based in Singapore, who uses photography to share the beauty of motherhood, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Pan and her husband, Ray, started their careers as wedding photographers and videographers. They created “The Magical World of Breastfeeding” after hearing horror stories of women who faced difficulties at work because they needed to pump their milk to store for their babies. The series features two mums nursing their babies in beautiful natural settings, like enchanted forests.

Jen is a a mother of two who is still breastfeeding her 15-month-old daughter, she said she wanted to create beautiful images to encourage women on their breastfeeding journey.

Recently I have read a few accounts of working mums who shared the difficulties they face at their work places with regards to expressing milk. One mum was told to stop expressing milk in the office as it was affecting her work efficiency. She was put under probation for assessment of her performance bonus. Another mum did not have a place to pump at work and asked for permission to pump at her own cubicle discreetly. Instead of encouraging her, she was told to consider to stop expressing milk as it was distracting to other colleagues even though she does it discreetly. Some of you may wonder if it was due to too much time lost at work, let’s see…. On the average each pump session lasts about 20 minutes and it happens 2 times during working hours depending on individuals, there may be 1 session during lunch time but that does not count since it is her own time. I can’t help but to wonder if these superiors are aware that they are actually displaying discrimination? Are they ignorant or are they just being difficult to breastfeeding mums?

Jen Pan

Since it was posted on Facebook on Jan 28, the photo series has garnered over 800 shares and many left comments to detail their experiences and also praise their supportive colleagues and bosses