Jim de Block aka 3delicious is a talented photographer, dancer and choreographer from Antwerp, Belgium, who currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jim received his ballet education at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp. In 2011 he started freelancing as a dancer and choreographer and has, since then, performed works by James O’Hara, Madeleine Lindh, Constantine Baecher, Fernando Magadan, Sag’i Gross and Maurice Causey.

A photographic essay on the transitional, the almost but not quite, the frozen limbo. Caught in between, neither here nor there.

– Jim de Block

Buying his first SLR camera when he was 17 Jim de Block discovered the joy and challenge of photography. Jim shoots a lot of architecture, minimalist and street photography. In his latest series “Neither Here Nor There”, Jim used digital photography to shape up a different reality, one in which human bodies can exist in parallel dimensions in different worlds.

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